Saving classic cars is our main focus here at A-Series Spares, whether that is building a fully restored car from the ground up or using our years of expertise to make classic cars better, faster and louder.

Either way, our cars last for years…. good as new!

We are always looking for Classic Cars to start our next project. We all know someone who has a classic car at the end of their garden, under their carport, in the hedgerow or in their garage or barn… if you
don’t know that person then it is probably you!

Our website attracts alot of traffic, from all trades and backgrounds. If you have a classic car or know of one that you feel can be saved then please drop us an email to with the details below:

  • Your Name
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Location
  • Car Make / Model
  • Is the car yours / how do you know of it?
  • A few pictures of the vehicle or a good description. 

With the above information our team will discuss to see when we are in your general area and plan the possible work load.

Do a good deed, Save a classic car today…

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