A-Series Spares Customer Reviews / Testimonials

I would like to thank Martin for excellent service and the quality of work is superb and very friendly staff make you feel like a old friend my car , the white moggy will be there again , thank you . Pete
Words dont do the job they did justice
Just recommended you through the classic Tvr forum in Pistonheads. You may get some more work. Very happy with the service and the amount of time you guys have just to talk about my car and cars in general. Many thanks, will catch up again soon.
Fantastic! Very friendly and a massive help 🙂
Took my Mini City from a solid but tired car to a show condition stunner. All bodyworks, Electrical and Mechanical were totally redone. As others have said, they are very friendly and approachable. Not always the easiest to reach on the phone as the workshops are busy, but I’d always get a call back or email.
I ordered a complete engine package earlier this year. The communication was good. The build was estimated to take 8-10 weeks, In total I think it was 12 weeks so it did run over a bit. When i received the engine I received a plastic sleeve full of documentation and the engine itself was beautiful. I have since completed over 400 miles with no issues and will be dropping the car in to have a check over on my installation. Overall i am very impressed with the build and the service. I notice that the build times have now gone up to 12-14 weeks so it looks like they have addressed the small delay I experienced.
I have had a 1275 cylinderhead fitted to my recently refurbished 1098 block , along with the induction system ive had fitted the results are amazing . I now have lots of mid range tourque from 50 to 70 mph the car is very responsive, This is handy for overtaking lorries im very happy with the results
I was impressed the whole experience. The turnaround was not too bad, I think it was 8 weeks from start to finish. I got a couple of email through the build to show updates. The engine came very well packaged and was ready to drop onto my gearbox. I have had a couple of fast road mini’s before but this engine, even whilst it is running in is really impressive. Great value for money and really well put together.
Really impressed. Well put together. I met the guys in the workshop before i ordered and they showed me a couple of builds they had just completed so i knew what i would be getting. Mine arrived in a sturdy engine crate and dropped straight in. Received a nice wallet of paperwork with the engine too. **UPDATE**I have just completed my first 500 miles and the car is transformed.
Ordered a radiator for my Mini Miglia, The shipping took a few days extra. I received a call from customer service to say that they were waiting on their bulk stock, I wasn’t in a massive rush so it was not a problem for me. The radiator it self was excellent quality and the price is very good. A good company to deal with and it sounds like next time the radiator will be on the shelf!

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