Our vast product range will guide you through your full restoration. 

Restorations and classic car ownership go hand in hand, with the UK’s weather often a little on the wet side of things, it is inevitable that you will be required to take some preventative measures to keep the rust at bay and eventually carry out some structural repairs.

Running well-established workshops, We know a thing or two about which products work, how to offer the best service and making sure the job is done right first time to last a long time.

Gain insightful knowledge on which products to use and when and most importantly save time and money.

So where to begin?SILSP52

The first thing to consider is making sure you have the basics covered, a tool box stocked with basic tools is the very first thing for you to consider. We stock a great range of Metric, AF, Whitworth and BA sockets and spanners along with a huge amount of every day tools to help you through the task at hand. A range of Screwdrivers, Pliers, Chisels / Punches, Hammers are also a must have.

Tools and Equipment

You will then want to make sure you are topped up with some of our Workshop Essentials. Our workshop essentials cover everything from Gloves, greases, oils, house-keeping and more!

What’s next?H440_node

Whilst not to be taken as gospel, when taking on simple jobs or more thorough work a good place to start is to get yourself a workshop manual. These are particularly useful with older vehicles as technologies have changed and sometimes it is easy to cause damage by simply looking at something with modern eyes! We are currently adding more Restoration manuals to our range so please head over and see if yours is listed! Grab a copy, it will make your life easier!

Workshop Manuals

helpful hint
When stripping any part of the vehicle, keep all of the fasteners, clips and fixings for each area in a ziplock bag and label the bag. Your future self will thank you.

Keep a Tidy Workstation!

Something that takes little time but will save you ALOT of time. Make sure you keep your workspace tidy. This may sound like a school teacher preaching to their pupils but a quick tidy up at the end of each day will ensure you do not lose any parts or tools and will allow you to work quicker throughout the day as you will have everything to hand, when and where you need it rather than on your last job.

House Keeping

Grip Seal Bags

Full Restoration SetsUNFandUNC

A-Series Spares are one of the UK’s leading manufacturing agents for UNC,UNF,BSF,BSW and BA threaded hardware, we keep high stocks of Metric, Metric Fine and Extra Fine Fasteners too. We have spent many years building up a data for various vehicles including Classic Mini, Land Rover, MG Midget and a host of other vehicles. Whether you are carrying out a rolling restoration or a a complete strip down, our restoration hardware sets save a lot of time and money.

Restoration sets, Include every Nut, Bolt, Set-Screw, Washer and now include Self Tapping screws, Wiring grommets and more…

Restoration Sets

Other FixingsThreaded Rivet Insert Tool

Along side our superior range of Imperial and Metric threaded hardware we have a great range of Trade Packs, These include packs of Grommets, O
Rings, Split Pins, Rivets and more.

You will also find packs of Rivnut (threaded insert nuts) on our website along with the insert tool.

These packs are a great addition to any workshop or workspace and you will find many applications for them throughout your build.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Something that we find is overlooked by most…. Make sure you use wire-through grommets in any application where your electrical cables are passing through metal (i.e Bulkheads)


Taps and Dies 14unctap

We carry a large range of Metric and Imperial Taps and Dies, this section of the website is currently having a revamp but you will find hundreds of sizes appearing in the coming weeks.

It is very good practice to run the correct tap into your captive applications on the vehicle. This will renew / clean your thread ready for your new hardware to be used.

Two reasons why this is a good idea:

  • High Tensile nuts / bolts are capable of being torqued to their maximum torque a 3-5 times before the thread stretches, With classic cars you are playing with a vehicle that will have seen its fair share of repairs, services and general work, so there is a good chance the thread may be a little stretched. Sending the correct tap down will clean up the threads and allow you to gain a longer service life.
  • There is a good chance that if you are working on a classic built before the 70’s that your captive nuts are Imperial, There is a similarly good chance that it has more than likely had a metric thread forced down it during its life! Sending the correct threaded tap down will hopefully clean up your thread and avoid cross-threading your new bolts. If you unable to clean up the thread then you may need to run a bigger drill and tap down but usually you can clean up the threads.



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